Artist Statement

I make my drawings in a style of art known as hyper-realism or photorealism which is characterized by paying an extreme attention to detail and precision in making the drawing lifelike. I draw from photographs but it only serve as a means to an end. With my skill and dedication, I recapture moments and create them to suit my intended idea through natural means.

Predominantly, I draw human faces which in my point of view is the most cardinal part of the body to a person’s identity. A story could be told without words from the expressions on the face. It has power to communicate loudly to the viewer. Moreover, every line and every dot that I create in my drawing tells a story.

I go through pain in working for countless number of hours in creating my crafts due to my passion for working to perfection. I draw my subjects vividly as I see them which trigger debates among viewers hence creating a strong connection between the subject and the viewer with emotion.

Therefore, I strongly believe in patience, perseverance, endurance and faith as ethic principles.